Mobile Phone Help & Support

Coverage Maps

Primus' mobile phone service is delivered over a GSM network that reaches over 96% of the Australian population.

Network coverage is constantly being improved with all reasonable steps taken to ensure you receive optimal mobile service access. Whilst the service is not free from faults and may not be available in some areas or at certain times, the following coverage maps show an indication of signal strength across Australia.

Coverage Maps

International Rates

Most iPrimus Mobile services offer access to our competitive mobile rates.

For rates and more information please view our Mobile International Rates.

Value Added Mobile Services

Primus Mobile offers a range of Value Added Mobile Services to help you manage you calls and ensure you experience the best your mobile service has to offer.

Surfing the Internet, taking and sending photos, text messaging and voicemail are just a few of the mobile phone services offered by Primus Mobile. For details and more information please view our page on Value Added Mobile Services.


More Useful Information

Once you select a Primus mobile phone, there's some good things to know, like what to do if you lose your mobile phone, emergency numbers and handset support.

Lost & Stolen

Unfortunately, mobile phones are lost, stolen or misplaced everyday. If this happens to you, be sure to prevent unauthorised calls being made from your mobile service, by calling Primus customer service immediately on 1300 85 85 85.

Primus will bar your service from making outbound calls and if possible, will ensure your handset is IMEI blocked. IMEI blocking prevents the handset from connecting to a mobile network in Australia, if another SIM card is inserted into the phone.

Always ensure you contact the relevant authorities to report your stolen or missing mobile phone, as handsets are often recovered and returned to their owners if reported. If you have a mobile phone insurance policy, you will require a Police Report reference number for insurance claim purposes.

Emergency Numbers


is Australia's primary emergency service number and should be used to access emergency assistance in the first instance. To access the number via a mobile phone you must be within the coverage area of the Optus GSM network.


is the international GSM standard emergency service number for use within any GSM coverage area worldwide. If you are outside of your Service Provider's GSM coverage area in Australia, 112 will attempt to connect to another that has coverage available in the area you are in. If you are within a GSM coverage area overseas, your call will automatically transfer to that country's emergency service number. Dialling will attempt to connect you even it your handset does not have a SIM card and regardless of any phone security.


is a text based emergency service for people with a hearing or speech impairment. This service operates using a TTY (teletypewriter) and does not accept voice calls or mobile text messaging (Short Message Service).