Mobile & Wireless Broadband Modems

The days of being tied to your desk just to be able to surf the internet are over - and so are slow and unreliable connections! The new age of wireless broadband modems is here and they are easier to use than ever before.

Understanding How Wireless Broadband Modems Work

Unlike many home internet connections that run via a cable or naked connection, a mobile broadband modem allows you all the ease and convenience of the internet, anywhere there is coverage. This exciting technology runs on a data connection from surrounding mobile phone towers, which is why the coverage map is far wider than any other form of internet connection.

The iPrimus mobile broadband modem runs on technology known as HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access), which ultimately bridges the connection from the phone tower to the laptop.

Installing The iPrimus Mobile Broadband Modem

There’s nothing more annoying than having to read a huge instruction manual just to get connected to the internet. With the iPrimus wireless broadband modem, all you need to do is unpack the modem, power up your laptop and insert it into an available USB port.

Once you’ve plugged your mobile broadband modem in, you’ll notice that the drivers automatically start to install on your laptop. In the event that it doesn’t start immediately, simply click on your modem’s icon that can be found under Computer>Devices with Removable Storage and run the install file. Once the software is ready, follow the prompts and you’ll be surfing the internet in no time!

Who Should Use A Mobile Broadband Modem?

There is a wide range of people that can benefit from using a wireless broadband modem. If you’re a business person who is constantly on the road, it’s essential to be able to have an internet connection so you can stay in contact with clients and your office.

On the other hand, if you’re a student who needs the internet for research purposes, a mobile broadband modem will allow you connect wherever you choose to hit the books.

Alternatively, if you’re someone who just needs to have a reliable internet connection at their fingertips for whatever reason, iPrimus’s mobile broadband modem is just the answer.

So, make the most of the easy-to-install wireless broadband modems offered by iPrimus and enjoy the freedom that comes along with it!