Additional Services

iPrimus have a range of additional Internet services to ensure you and your family make the most of your Internet experience in a safe and productive way.

Unmetered Data

The unmetered data feature is a list of websites that when visited, do not count towards your data allowance and is available on all fixed iPrimus broadband plans. Check out our list of unmetered sites

Broadband TopUps

Broadband TopUps allow you to purchase additional data allowance for your broadband service as and when you need it.

Static IP

Need a fixed location on the Web? Attach a Static IP address to your iPrimus Broadband service! Information about Static IP with iPrimus.


TiVo allows you to receive and record free-to-air TV and download digital content from the Internet, all from the comfort of your lounge! By combining your TiVo with iPrimus Broadband, you'll get access to the following great features*, without it counting towards your monthly data allowance!


For Family Friendly Internet, take advantage of iProtect.

iPrimus' iProtect service work as an email filter, designed to give you the option of protecting your families against e-mail virus threats and unsolicited advertising as well as protecting your email against viruses.

With the Primus E-mail Virus and E-mail Spam Protection services your iPrimus e-mail account will be screened for viruses and spam even before it reaches your e-mail inbox ensuring you receive the best defence against virus outbreaks, worms, trojans and unsolicited bulk e-mail.